Wanting More

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Last night my husband and I enjoyed Wine Down a weekly Friday night Summer event hosted by a hometown vineyard and winery in our community. These gatherings are family friendly and bring together our community with live music, food (either purchased at the winery or bring your own), and wholesome, clean fun.

We decided to purchase our meal from the food vendor, which was pizza, a rare treat for us! I had the Sopressata, an Italian divinity and my husband had the Hawaiian with jalepeno. Each pizza was thin crust and had eight pieces. Before I knew it, mine was gone and I asked my husband if he wanted to share another pizza, because I simply wanted more!

What causes us, at times (perhaps many), to go off on our own to gain more rather than wait on God for His provision for our circumstances? God told David he would have given him even more but David didn’t ask for more he only took matters into his own hands.

As children of God he desires to give us yasaph. He desires to continue to add more, to surpass His increase again and again. Do we trust Him and turn to Him first? May it be so in every situation.


©2018 TereseJMBelme


Wanting the Giver More Than the Given



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I love to give gifts. I especially love to give gifts for no reason. There is something beautifully simple yet profound as I watch the expression of joy on the face of the recipient and their eyes light up when they open the gift that was chosen specifically for them.

We learn to be good gift givers from the One who gave the greatest gift of all, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, Who died on the cross so that all creation would have the opportunity to choose Him and the hope of being with Him forever.

Imagine the delight of His disciples as they were rowing back to shore and they realize their beloved Jesus is standing on the beach waiting for them! They thought He was dead! Perhaps they had been fishing for many hours but caught very little. Jesus tells them to let their nets down one more time and when they pull their nets from the water their is a bounty of fish heavy enough to tear the nets!

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! Matthew 7:11.

Jesus loves to give us good gifts. Physical gifts and especially spiritual gifts. He has tilled the soil of our soul and placed goodness there and he has placed an eagerness to know Him in our heart. He wants to fill our nets to overflowing.

But His greatest desire is for us to know the Giver more than the given.


©2018 TereseJMBelme



Learning is a privilege. Consider all the people around the world who do not have access to teachers and curriculum, especially girls in some areas where learning is against the law. A travesty to say the least.

Learning subjects such as language, math and social sciences helps us to form our world view and engage in intelligent conversation. While learning is a privilege we have always taught our children to not believe everything they read. Simply because it is printed in a book does not make it true. We have taught them not to gloss over what they don’t agree with but to dig deeper and understand why they don’t agree. Believe me when I tell you, as young adults, this approach has created some very spirited conversations and I wouldn’t have it any other way.! I love to experience their minds at work and ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand their point of view and to give me His kind and gentle words when I have an opposing view.

As students of God’s word we don’t need anyone to teach us His word. Yes, God has gifted us with pastors and teachers to help us understand His word but allow me to give you this to ponder. It begins with us. Our responsibility is to open God’s word, and often, and allow His word to speak to us. To learn by the power of the Holy Spirit all the goodness within His word.

God’s word is alive and active, (Hebrews 4:12), yes, you can have a relationship with God’s word because Jesus is the word of God. God’s word is good for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, (2Timothy 3:16), the question is will you allow His word to do all these things for you?

Precious One, God’s word speaks to you and you know God’s voice (John 10:27).

Are you listening?


©TereseJMBelme 2018


In Between The Rains


As I sit at my desk and look out my front window at the still quietness of the pre-dawn morning, I see storm clouds have moved in and this view reminds me of God’s faithfulness and I think about the storm clouds of life and the adversity they mostly bring.

Many will run from adversity because of the fear adversity invokes. I know, I use bolt not run. God is teaching me to stand toe to toe with adversity and to recognize the opportunity to trust in Him and depend on Him even more. To allow Him to stretch me beyond what I thought possible and to grow in spiritual maturity. To praise Him and to be overwhelmed by His Sovereignty.

With the storm clouds come rain and as the clouds move on they leave in their wake the sun. It is in between the rains that the opportunity for growth happens. Like the farmer in James 5:7, who has tended to his crops with care by tilling the ground in preparation to be sown and patiently waits for the rains that will bring new growth, we too can prepare the soil of our hearts by nurturing and cultivating our relationship with God in anticipation of new growth in us.

Precious One, hold on new growth and spiritual healing is coming.

In between the rains.


You Might Think I’m A Jesus Freak

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I was born, baptized, confirmed and raised in a religion that would become the foundation of my faith as a born again believer in Christ. But, I didn’t always view it that way. For a long time after asking Jesus into my heart I resented the religion I was raised in because, in my young formative years when I was taught to fear God, I feared God not in the way of reverence for him, rather I viewed God as this mean and distant person just waiting to zap me for every wrong thing that I did. So the concept of a loving Father who only wants His best for me really messed with my belief system.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew about the love of God but not of the love of God. I even started a prayer life with God when I was about seven or eight years old. Not long after I made my confirmation, in my former religion, I abruptly told my mom I wasn’t going to church any more because I prayed on my own and didn’t need anyone suggesting how I should pray or what to pray. When I conveyed this story to one of my Pastor’s years ago he told me I was a Protestant in the making. It is not by coincidence rather the divine nature of God that we belong to a faith family that is evangelical Protestants; believing that Jesus is our Savior, our Sanctifier, our Healer and our coming King.

I remember the precise moment God revealed to me that it was He who set the foundation through my religious upbringing to believe in his Son Jesus as my Lord and Savior. It was a Sunday morning and we were singing a worship song, I wish I could remember the song but I don’t, but what I do remember is during this particular song God spoke to my heart reassuring me that He was the One who had arranged the formative years of my spiritual upbringing and in that moment he released me from all the negativity I had felt. A few days later, I was walking out of Bible study, and I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to go up to our Worship Pastor and let him know that because of the song he had chosen the previous Sunday God had put things into perspective for me and to thank him for choosing that particular song.

So, you might think I am a Jesus freak, and you wouldn’t be wrong. I am not ashamed of my faith in Jesus Christ. My life is vastly different, and in a tremendously good way, than it has ever been, especially from my high school and early adult years. And, I praise God for the redemption and deliverance from those mistakes I made back then.

I just want to share the love of Christ with others and offer the opportunity to have what I have, to help erase the negative connotation that seems to surround having a relationship with Jesus. This is especially true as I peruse social media and see all the negative things that cry out for our attention, wanting to suck us in like a vacuum. So instead of jumping into the fray I choose to post verses that bring truth and hope and peace, amidst a world where shootings, bombings and terror are commonplace. 

You may be wondering how a good and loving God allows these things to happen. This is the same God who created us to have free will. He allows his entire creation to choose Him; the Light over darkness, which is the evil. Those living in darkness are bound and ruled by evil. God, ever the gentleman, will never force anyone to believe in His Son Jesus as their Lord and Savior. He wants you to make that choice for yourself.

You might call me a Jesus freak and you would be right. 


The Truth About Reality


Photo courtesy JDR Military Service/web.mst.edu.

When I was a little girl I grew up in a time where we practiced duck and cover under our school desks to the sound of an air raid siren. This was a post WWII mechanism that was still in effect after the Viet Nam War, the world that was my reality then; free love, hippies and the peace sign, but I digress. I really despised that siren, even though it was designed to give us a chance to be safe, in the event our country were attacked by airplanes dropping bombs.

My childhood home was in the flight path of NAS Moffett Field, where the mighty P3 Orion could be seen and heard on descent into the air field. Sometimes, as I recall, there would be more than one flying in formation and multiple times throughout the day. For some reason, in my five-year old mind, I thought these mighty aircrafts were the reason the air raid sirens would sound. I remember every time I would see or hear the P3’s I would run and hide in our house. I did a lot of hiding back then! You see, I believed something as truth about my reality that was a big fat lie!

This morning as I was traipsing through Galatians 3 and absorbing all the goodness and truth there and I was stopped along the way by some verses that jumped out at me.

Consider Abraham: “He believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness. Galatians 3:6

God counted Abraham as righteous simply because he believed God. He believed the truth that God would bless all nations through him, that God had called him to be the physical and spiritual father of the Jews and eventually all believers including Gentiles.

The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham. Galatians 3:8a

Even then, Scripture, which is Jesus Himself, was moving toward his creation with the gift of salvation for EVERYONE!

Precious One, the gospel has been here since before time, as we know it, began. Waiting for you to believe and receive and nurture the truth in your heart through your relationship with Christ.

And as I reflect back, I see that air raid sirens can be very beneficial especially when one goes off in your heart when Satan is tempting you to question the integrity and truth of God’s word. But, instead of running and hiding, you can stand firmly on the truth of Scripture which invades your heart every time you spend time with Him.

By the way, I eventually married a P3 Flight Engineer.