Proud Momma Moment


This morning my oldest lovebug sent me a text to tell me she saw the above caption on a church billboard on her way to work. I’ve been pondering this all morning, wondering how Holy Spirit would turn into a blog post.

Two years ago we sent our daughter off to study abroad in Amman, Jordan for a semester during her Junior year in college, and she immediately fell in love with the people, the culture and the country.  She was in a language immersion program and all the students had to take a pledge not to speak their native language and could only speak in Arabic. She worked hard with her professor and her Jordanian language partner and her new Jordanian friends, who all helped her to understand, read, write, and speak Arabic.

When she came home I believe she left a piece of her heart in Jordan and she longed to continue speaking in Arabic, but there was a lack of others to converse with her. A few months ago she found a program where she can continue her studies in Arabic and she applied.

She sent me another text this morning, wait for it…..she has received a scholarship from the Omani government to continue her language studies! Proud is an understatement!

God reigns and the Son shines. He certainly does lovebug, He certainly does.




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