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Dear Fantabulous Friends: If you’re an author and would like to submit a manuscript for possible publication, Palamedes Publishing is open to receiving them! Now I’ve recently received a few complaints from people saying they got an error message when they sent their manuscript, so I just want to be clear: Shoot your word document […]

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Here’s The Scoop


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Last month I had the wonderful opportunity to attend West Coast Christians Writers Conference. The information and insight from this two day conference keeps coming! I joined the WCCW’s FaceBook page and I am following and/or friends with two authors who spoke and taught workshops.

One author posted today, “The Inside Scoop: Two Agents Dish On Getting Published“, by Janet Kobobel Grant and Wendy Lawton was just released and co-written by one of her agents.

I am looking forward to receiving my copy! I encourage you to click the link above and have a look for yourself. Even if you are not a Christian writer but still want information about being published, I’m sure there is a wealth of knowledge and information to be had.