Loving a Prodigal



Do you love a prodigal? Maybe you are or have been a prodigal. I was a bit of a prodigal in my younger years, but I’m also a rule follower and prodigal living, thankfully, lasted a very short season for me. But this post isn’t about placing labels, in fact a few different Bible translations preface this parable as ‘The Story of the Lost Son.’ And truly, that is the core of the issue. The wild, extravagant, and loose living is a by product of the condition of the heart of the one engaging in this lifestyle. Their heart has let go of what they know to be true of God and they are lost. Lost to the ones who love them and lost in themselves. BUT, they are not lost to God.

Sometimes loving a wayward loved one means giving them their inheritance, whatever that may look like, setting them free and trusting God to work out His perfect plan for their life; never giving up hope. Hope is one of the beautiful pieces of this story. The father of the lost son never gave up hope.

I wonder how long the son was gone? Can you imagine everyday the father looking down the road expecting to see his son walking toward him? Hope allowed him to be expectant. And, oh, what a glorious day when he turned his watchful eyes down the road, and there, a far distance off was his lost son come home again. Hope caused him to run toward his son in compassion and shower him with gracious provisions and welcome his son home.

There is always hope.




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5 thoughts on “Loving a Prodigal

    • Kristen, I love a prodigal also. When God began speaking to me about this story, at first I was drawn to the fact that the father didn’t deny his son his inheritance.

      Our wayward one’s love language is acts of service, so there has always been a fine line of balancing filling this language and not enabling.

      As I read your comment this morning, I realize what God really wants me to understand is that I can trust him with this precious, who knows the Lord, but is angry with Him right now.

      It is also an examination of my own heart. My attitude toward my lovebug does not get to be dictated by their actions, words or reactions toward me. My attitude must always remain in the grasp of my Father’s hand. And, that is a daily process!

      Thank you for stopping by to read and comment. 🙂

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