Godless Chatter


Godless chatter includes gossip, negative self-talk, swearing, course joking, and sarcasm. Stay connected to the Vine. Tether yourself around His waist. Bind your will to God’s will and righteousness, your mind and heart to Christ ‘s mind and heart and your ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit and loose from yourself all godless chatter.

#stayconnected #trusttheprocess #walkinvictory.


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5 thoughts on “Godless Chatter

    • I think sarcasm can be subtle words strung together to make someone feel less than or belittled, sarcasm can be felt in outright harsh words and sarcasm can be words that are not demeaning on the surface but the tone in which they are delivered can carry the sarcasm.

      • It’s interesting that you brought that up. I saw a post on Facebook recently where in which a Christian blogger was being (in my opinion) over the top snarky. A fellow Christian called her out and said her sarcasm was unnecessary. Her response was that she disagreed and she thinks sarcasm is great. This is something I would love for you to expand on. 🙂

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