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Recently, my husband and I saw Transformers: The Last Knight.™ I don’t care how many times the classic story of good versus evil is reworked when the end product is a Transformer movie!

My favorite scene in the entire movie, and I apologize if you haven’t seen this movie and intend too, is when Optimus Prime is battling his brother turned nemeses Megatron. Their otherworldly transformer swords slashing through the air, each attempting to make the final blow. All the while Megatron in hurling insults at Optimus Prime to no avail, when he decides to appeal to Optimus Primes emotions by saying, “We were brothers once.” Somehow, I don’t envision the two of them playing nicely on the school yard. Then Optimus Prime utters the best line in the entire movie.

“Did you forget who I am?”

Sometimes, many times, our sojourn of faith can be like Megatron’s memory. We forget who God is. We attempt this life by doing things in our own power. We forget or maybe we simply don’t believe the truth of how much God loves us and how much he wants to be a part of our life. We forget he has an answer and solution for every situation we find ourselves. We forget what it means to wait on the Lord and be patient for his answer. We forget about His perfect timing and that His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.

Choose to stay in His word everyday, because, lets face reality, our hearts aren’t simply prone to wander, they DO wander! Choosing Him daily and consistently builds our memory of Who he Is and His faithfulness, His love, and His grace toward us.

The next time you step on to the battlefield, don’t forget Who he Is and always ask him how you ought to fight!


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