The Bee

Bumble bee on thistle

Read Psalm 148:7-12

Wild animals and all cattle, small creatures and flying birds. Psalm 148:10 NIV

It was midmorning, the day was bright with sunshine and filled with hope, and a light breeze was blowing. I was loading groceries into our car when a bee flew right to me and starting buzzing to its own symphony around my head. I gently shooed the bee with my hand, but it continued to buzz around me and finally flew into the car. Feeling apprehensive about having a bee in our car, I opened all the doors hoping it would eventually find its way out, which it finally did.

I finished loading the last of the groceries and wondered about this bee and why it was insistent on pestering me. Immediately, I sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart that ALL of creation longs to be close to Him. Even this bee desired His presence. I wasn’t what the bee was seeking. It longed to be close to His presence within me!

Each day I try to remember that it’s the presence-the sweet aroma of the Holy Spirit within me that draws others to Him because they long to be closer to their Creator.

Thought for the Day-Even bees praise God through the melody of their buzzing.

Prayer-Abba, Father, thank you for creating daily opportunities to share Your love and for reminding me that these are divine moments, and not inconveniences.

Prayer Focus-Thinking outside ourselves.

©2017 terese belme



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