The Cloth

White cloth

Just a quick snippet for your day! Holy Spirit has been reminding me of the word remnant…again! It has come up in a few conversations as well as in my prayer time and reading God’s word.

One meaning of the word remnant is the part of something that is left when the other parts are gone. Like remnants of cloth ‘left behind’ that have been cut from a larger bolt of cloth. While seemingly insignificant to some, so greatly cherished by God.

I began highlighting the word remnant every time I read it in my Bible and it occurs to me that God always left a remnant to restore his beloved Israel. Currently you may be the only one in your family that is a believer in Christ. You are a remnant.

Precious One, I thank Holy Spirit that he finds joy in doing good for you and wholeheartedly replants you in the land. (Jeremiah 32:41).

For you, child of the Most High King, are a remnant.



6 thoughts on “The Cloth

  1. “Currently you may be the only in your family that is a believer in Christ. You are a remnant.” Well, I am a remnant then. But God must start (over) with someone in a family line, right? Kind of like He did with Noah and his family.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Terese; great one! Blessings to you and yours with the peace of Christ.

    • Mella, Amen! God is so faithful and it is an honor to be a remnant. We remnants may not have the rich lineage of those whose families have handed down the faith from generation to generation, but we are a new beginning, from us forward will come a next generation of believers!

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