Do You Have A Mustard Seed?

IMG_0075I went to the grocery store this morning to buy a container of mustard seeds, I actually only need one, but now have a full container!

As I was at the checkstand the checker asked me what I was making. I replied, “It’s actually for a video presentation.” I could see in her face she was thinking about how to form her question to ask what the presentation was about. I offered, “It is a Bible study teaching.” Her face relaxed and we had a very short yet sweet conversation about faith. We had church right there in the checkstand. I love when God reveals himself at work and even more so, when I realize He is moving and join in!

I told the checker that I would probably grind up the mustard seeds and use it as powder for future meals. As I was driving home I was struck with the thought that my newly acquired container of mustard seed is such a great visual reminder to be rooted in my faith and not in the world. Think I’ll leave them be, just as they are.

Precious One do you have a mustard seed?



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