Has the American Church Lost Her Voice?

Well said SWP!

Cinderella in Army Boots

Has the American Church lost her voice? And if so, how can she get it back?

The question is not whether the American church can still speak but whether she still has a voice, an ability to influence and shape the culture around her and bring desirable transformation through her interaction with outsiders (people who do not identify themselves as belonging to the church).church with flag  If you ask the Barna Group, I’m sure they have some actual research on the subject, but I think most of us would agree that for a majority of outsiders, the American church has no voice.  We may not be able to pinpoint the exact moment that we lost our voice, possibly because it’s been happening over time, and yet we’ve seen the signs all around us that should have clued us in for some time now that this was the case.  Still, last week’s Supreme…

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