It’s All About The Manna

depositphotos_5342177-Selection-of-spices.This morning I found myself in Joshua 13. The tribe of Levi received no physical inheritance of land. In years past when I would read this I would feel empathy for the Levites. They had to live in towns set aside for them in the land of inheritance of the other tribes of Israel.

Today as I read this it reminded me of how our view of our earthly father can many times skew our view of our heavenly Father.

For me, I had a wonderful dad but he didn’t know how to express his emotions or love toward me, that left me thinking God was distant – far away and non-caring.

How does this connect to the Levites and their lack of inheritance? In my mind the other tribes of Israel were prosperous – they had cattle, sheep, vineyards, crops, servants and if they lived by the sea they made their living as fishermen.

This morning I realized my view of prosperity has been skewed!

Our family always had what we needed but there was always a sense of lack. This was spiritual baggage from both my dad and my mom’s childhood. They were depression age kids.

As I read in Joshua this morning I had an ‘aha’ moment; the Levites had the greatest inheritance of all – God!

And, like the Levites we can trust God to provide exactly what we need, when we need it, and in my experience, He always goes above and beyond.

But to the tribe of Levi he gave no inheritance, since the food offerings presented to the LORD, the God of Israel, are their inheritance, as he promised them. Joshua 13:14.



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