What A Scam

Over the past several weeks at our large faith gatherings, we have been talking about what it looks like to bring to true life to our community. Last night we heard wonderful testimony from our faith family of how God has moved through them to show his love and light to others.

Secretary Frustrated Over Telephone CallJust a few minutes ago I received another one of those scam phone calls. I know it was a scam because the gentleman wanted to talk about our Windows 8 product and we use MAC. He really wanted to speak with my husband but I told him anything he had to say to my husband he could say to me. He actually got a bit vulgar with me, I won’t repeat what he said as it would not bless you. He said it in such a nonchalant way that I almost missed it because of the subtle way in which it was said.

I told him I had some really good news for him and asked him if he wanted to hear my good news. I took his silence as a yes. I told him that even though he sounded like he was promoting a scam that Jesus loves him and died on the cross for him so he can be forgivenWooden cross (3 of his sins.

Before I could ask him if I could pray with him he said to me, “I’m sorry.” To which I replied, “you have a good evening.” And, before we disconnected he said to me again, “I’m sorry.”

I actually look forward to these calls. You may be calling with a scam but you’re going to hang up with Jesus.

I can’t wait until the next night of testimony at our faith gathering, I hope Holy Spirit chooses me to share!





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