Are You Committed?

2829-invitation-1100025043-10182013What are you committed too? What is it that receives your wholehearted attention? What causes you to be fully determined? Is it your spouse, your children, your job? Perhaps it is your friends, a worthy cause, money or maybe it is just stuff, your stuff.

My parents were depression age kids. I am the youngest of five and my parents were, gasp, middle aged when I was born. We lived a simple life back then. My dad was a house painter, the Local 507. After all these years I still remember his Union number. Perhaps, because his Union was one of the things my father was committed too. There wasn’t any keeping up with the neighbors. As I reflect back, we had everything we needed, housing, food, clothing, transportation, and, most importantly, the love of family.

vintage-water-can-1013tm-pic-1688Even though all our needs were met there was still a sense of scarcity. I have come to believe that it was fear of losing everything, within my father, because of growing up during a time in our Country’s history when there wasn’t even enough that could be lost.

Unfortunately, this fear was passed down to me. Through the years Jesus has taught me, graciously and gently, to trust him. The Holy Spirit continues to peel away layers of years of this sense of lack. Sometimes it isn’t enough for me to remember that as we seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness all these things will be given to us (what to eat, drink and wear – Matthew 6:31). In his lovingkindness Jesus knows there are times I need more of Him, more than simply one verse. I need to see, to read and to understand about his faithfulness throughout his word.


Reading  glasses on bible textIt is during these times that He brings a different part of His story to light as if I have never read it before.

The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. 2 Chronicles 16:9a.

Through this verse God speaks to my heart about his provision as we walk with Him, committing ourselves to him with everything we have. Wholeheartedly and fully determined. In order to understand this fully one would be wise to read the entire chapter of 2 Chronicles 16, which isn’t very long. And, as you go about your day, your life, I pray that you will meditate on this verse and ask God to give you his strength to be fully committed to him so that you will have an open heart to receive his full commitment to you.



7 thoughts on “Are You Committed?

    • Ahhh, Jennifer, isn’t the Holy Spirit so gracious? I find that I write about what I most need to be reminded and encouraged about. 🙂

      The Lord bless you today and always!

      • YES! It is so amazing the way God unfolds these sweet reminders – whether we read or write them – His hand in our growth is so evident! God bless you!

        Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

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