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For Some Believing Is In The Seeing

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Today’s Nugget:

“Then Moses, Aaron, Nadab, Abidu, and seventy of the leaders of Israel went up the mountain. There they saw the God of Israel. Under his feet there seemed to be a pavement of brilliant sapphire, as clear as the heavens. And though Israel’s leaders saw God, he did not destroy them. In fact, they shared a meal together in God’s presence!” Exodus 24: 9-11.

Seventy four men saw the God of Israel! Let me rephrase that this way; Seventy four men SAW the God of Israel! Oh my word, to me, this is more scrumptious than when God placed Moses in the cleft of a rock and covered him with his hand when he passed by. (Exodus 33:22-23).

Under God's feet there appeared to be pavement of brilliant sapphire.

Under God’s feet there appeared to be pavement of brilliant sapphire

To top it off, not only did the leaders of Israel see God and He didn’t destroy them, they ate a meal together in God’s presence. They.Ate.With.God.!!

Whew! I think its time for a nap. emoticonA blessed Sunday to all of you. If today is your chosen day of Sabbath, may you glorify Him in all that you’re not doing and simply find your rest at home in Him.

Whats Your Story?

Have you ever had an amazing, exciting and out of this world story to tell? One that you are sure no one would believe if you told them, yet one you couldn’t contain to yourself?

Moses had a story like that. In short summation, he and the nation of Israel witnessed the 10 plagues God commanded against Pharaoh and Egypt.

  • Gold 10th Or Ten 3d Number Closeup Representing Anniversary Or Birthday Plague of blood,
  • Plague of frogs,
  • Plague of gnats,
  • Plague of flies,
  • Plague against livestock,
  • Plague of boils,
  • Plague of hail,
  • Plague of locust,
  • Plague of darkness
  • Death of Egypt’s firstborn. 

When Pharaoh finally cried out to Moses and Aaron to gather the nation of Israel and leave Egypt, there were, by some estimates…

  • 2.5-3.5 million Israelites in the exodus.People puzzle concept

As the Israelites left Egypt God told them to ask the Egyptians for clothes, gold and silver, which the Egyptians gave willingly. God caused the Israelites to plunder the Egyptians without a single weapon of war being raised.


Sometime after the Exodus, Jethro, Mosses father-in-law came to visit. Scripture tells us;

Jethro was delighted when he heard about all that the LORD had done for Israel as he brought them out of Egypt. Exodus 18:9.

What’s your story? I’m guessing you have more than one. I believe God gives us continual stories to share with others to express our faith in Him. To glorify His kingdom. Stories that are so unbelievable that it could only be God himself.

open book of family storyGo on, be a Moses today and share a story and a touch of the Holy Spirit!

The grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

A Life For A Life?

Family Word As Symbol Of Parenthood And Togetherness

It was New Year’s Eve. My husband and I had gone to bed amidst, what seemed to be the unending sound of M-80’s going off around the neighborhood. Did I just hear gunshots? Six, in rapid succession. Lest you think we live in an undesirable area, we don’t. Actually, our city has gone from rural farming to one of the fastest growing bedroom communities in the area.

Shortly after midnight my son walked in and asked if he could go pick up a friend who had asked him for a ride because he was not in any condition to drive himself.

1166-peopleApparently, my son had sent out a message to some of his friends that he was available to give rides home to those who needed them. Love his huge heart of caring! However, I did not want him going out; it was after all after midnight and many inebriated people, I’m sure, would be on the road. We had a brief discussion on how something can be good but not necessarily the right thing to do.  My son, not wanting to listen to what I had to say and deciding to take the consequences of disobedience, chose to go anyway.

Beside acting like a complete basket case of a mom and following him, the only thing left for me to do was pray. As I laid there seeking my God and his wisdom, I said to Him, “I’m not willing to sacrifice the life of my son for another.” Wow, oh my and ouch. Did I really just say that to God!?!!

In that moment I was reminded ever so gently by the Holy Spirit that my life was bought with a ransom; with a life, the life of the Son of God.Christ carrying the cross

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. John 3:16-17.

Abba, Father. I confess and repent of my attitude from that night. Knowing that the life I live and that of my family is for You. Thank you for working out your perfect will in our lives. Amen.