She was very determined. She wasn’t going to leave with a no answer. Her daughter was in great pain and after all, he was helping others, why not her? Oh, she knew she wasn’t from his group of people; his kind, but that didn’t stop her.

She approached him, calling him by one of his rightful names, kneeling before him and asking for his help. He challenges her with a statement, telling her he was sent only for a select group of people, and she knew she did not belong.

He was with some of his friends, teaching them to do what he was doing; it was on the job training. Perhaps he was hoping they would grab the opportunity at hand. Instead, his friends urged him to send her on her way because she kept calling out to them. Somehow they couldn’t be bothered by her plea’s for help. What were they thinking?

She calls to him again, and again, he challenges her with a statement. He tells her it isn’t right to take the children’s bread and feed it to the dogs. “Wait, did he just call her a dog?!” She doesn’t back down telling him even dogs eat the crumbs from their masters table. Essentially she is telling him “I don’t want the bread on the children’s table, I can get what I need in the crumbs”, because the crumbs held the same for her as the bread did for the children.

 Seeing her great faith, He immediately helps her daughter.

The mom in this story is the Canaanite woman from Matthew 15:21-28. Undoubtedly, she has heard of the miracles Jesus had been performing. Beyond her great faith that Jesus would heal her daughter, we are not told anything else about her faith. Yet, when she first addresses him she says, “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on me!”

Jesus_198_smallWhen Jesus implies she is a dog, He isn’t being mean to her. During that time and culture Gentiles were referred to as dogs because others felt they did not deserve the blessings of God. I think about her noble character; she doesn’t defend herself at this reference she actually goes with it! The core issue for her is the healing of her daughter who was demon possessed and suffering greatly.

As for the disciples, well, their reaction, even their place in the story is a treasure. It is a great reminder not to miss an opportunity to share the love and the healing of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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