The Lost and Powerless

ImageMy heart aches for the lost and powerless. These are the ones that put on a happy face. These are the ones who will say, “oh, I’m great!”, when asked how they are doing. These are the ones who cry silently when no one is watching. These are the ones who feel there is no hope left. These are the ones-the lost and powerless within the Church.

My passion is investing in the lives of other women; sharing and growing with them in our identity in Christ. I believe the way we view our Heavenly Father has much to do with the way we interact or remember our life with our earthly father. As young girls our first love is our daddy. Some dads know innately the need their daughter has to be affirmed by him and offer affirmation willingly, lovingly and often. Some dads know this need but don’t know how to offer it. Some dads don’t know at all. Many dads unwittingly stop offering their affirmation when their daughter, once a little girl, has now blossomed into a beautiful teenager. At, what I believe, is the most critical time in a teen girls life, most dads are unsure of how to simply be dad to their daughter. They pull away when their little girl needs them the most. It is his voice of continued affirmation that a daughter needs to hear to survive the emotional and often tumultuous teen years with confidence leading her to the remarkable woman she will become.

My father was a great dad. I was the youngest and only girl after four boys. Indeed, I was daddy’s little girl. But, when I turned 13 our relationship changed. I truly believe my dad didn’t know how to respond to the young woman I was becoming. There are statistics about the different kind of trouble young girls can get into when their Imagefather’s voice of affirmation is not present or disappears. All I can say is thank you Jesus for your redeeming love!!

For many years I had a skewed perspective of God. It has only been in the last few years that I have begun to understand this marvelous thing; this identity in Christ. Simply put our identity in Christ is who God says we are to him according to his word. There are so many wonderful things he says about us. One of my favorites is 1 Peter 2:9a; “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. God’s special possession. In this half verse we are told four things about our identity;

  • We are chosen.
  • We belong to a royal priesthood.
  • We belong to a holy nation.
  • We are God’s SPECIAL possession.

As we begin and continue to learn and grow in this; our identity in Christ, we no longer have to pretend to put on a happy face. We no longer have to pretend we’re doing great. We no longer have to cry silently or alone. We no longer are the lost and powerless.


photo credit-photobucket.


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