God’s Muchness



One of my favorite things is discovering our identity, inheritance and authority in Christ and sharing with others.

Our inheritance in Christ sits tall, upright and front and center in this verse. Our inheritance is not a future hope, it is here and now. In our union with Christ we have already become beneficiaries of our inheritance in Christ of every spiritual blessing that comes from the heavenly realm.

In today’s verse, richly blessed, is our inheritance. Richly is derived from two Greek words. The first meaning, having many resources, and the other, which is my favorite, fully resourced by having God’s “muchness.”

God’s muchness is His abundance that comes from receiving His provisions, material and spiritual riches, through faith.

Are you walking victoriously in this truth? By faith in Christ God richly gives you His muchness in all area’s of your life. Regardless of your current situation, you have exactly what you need to stand as tall and upright and front and center as as the truth of your inheritance found in Romans 10:12.


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A Dream Come True


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A Special Project




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God Do it Again!


Returned in the first verse means God made restitution, He paid the Israelites back in full. God was their Restorer. Another translation states that, “God RESTORED the fortunes of Zion.” (emphasis mine and you know how I feel about the word restore!)

They felt like they were in a dream. They thought the goodness God blessed them with was too good to be true. They laughed and sang and were happy. God lavished His grace on them. They were in the middle of singing about remembering God’s goodness while asking God to do it again.

They were in between the rains.

Do you feel like your life has been drought-stricken? Think about a time when God blessed you, and like the Israelites, you thought it was a dream. BUT, it wasn’t! Do you trust God to do it again?

When you’re in between the rains you can wait expectantly on God’s blessings with praises on your lips, trusting that God will turn a heavy heart into laughing and cause you to have, not just an armload, but armloads of blessing!



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Adversities in Righteousness



God is preparing us! He wants our attention and focus to be completely on Him. As believers in His beautiful and beloved Son, He sees us as righteous. It is the blood of Christ which makes us righteous. As such, we also know, as believers we WILL have trials, challenges, struggles and adversity. BUT, God promises to deliver us from them ALL. He promises whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, HE will deliver.

Walk with me in this truth.


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His Wall of Fire



Whether easy or challenging and regardless of what this day or the days ahead hold, God will be a wall of fire around you and He will be glorified through your circumstances.

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Yes, I know, let’s not go there, shall we? MTHFR is the acronym for Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. It is a very common genetic deficiency (mutation simply sounds so decisive, as if nothing can be done to help alleviate the symptoms). Thankfully, there is help for this condition.


All of us have two of every gene. Sometimes, there is a SNP (pronounced snip) on one or both genes causing a deficiency. Someone with the MTHFR deficiency does not produce the enzyme methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase, which is responsible for eliminating toxins from the body, through a process called methylation. Some people with this condition have very serious symptoms and others go their whole lives unaware of the condition. This condition causes the inability of the body to hold onto B12 and B9.

Some of the health concerns from this deficiency are:

Venus Thrombosis.

Heart Disease.




Some practioner’s even suggest that

ADD/ADHD, Bi-Polar, Autism, Fibromyalgia, MS, among others, may be directly related to this genetic condition.

I am a researcher by nature so when a family member began to have some mental health concerns, I started researching. I came across information on MTHFR but wasn’t sure how to proceed and, unfortunately, it wasn’t until a full year and a half later that my family member was tested. I say unfortunately because this family member was subjected to too many harsh drugs over a long period of time that only exacerbated the situation making it worse than it should have been. There is a reason for this, as explained to us by our doctor. The neurological pathways in someone with this condition are stuck in the on or open position. When medication is introduced to help alleviate, for instance, anxiety or depression, it actual makes the situation worse. I can definitely attest to that. On the same token, if someone is experiencing anxiety or depression and is not receiving the right type and right amount of B12 and B9, they can exhibit signs of impulsivity, anger, erratic behavior, adiction, anxiety, depression and self -medicating.

If you or someone you know has any of these symptoms, I encourage you to do a genetic test, such as 23andme. Once you receive the link that your data is available, you can link it to a free service, like genetic genie and it will give you the information about any deficiency in relation to MTHFR, the methylation cycle and liver detox.

Once you have this information you can take it to a doctor that understands what MTHFR is all about and come up with a supplement protocol that works best for you. You may have to find a naturopathic, osteopathic or functional medical doctor because not many doctors understand the condition at the present time. Please don’t get discouraged they are out there and you may have to pay out of pocket but it is worth it to feel better. To enjoy living in your skin again! Also, what works for one person may not work for you. For example, what works for my loved one definitely does not work for me.

Get tested, find a knowledgeable doctor and work with him/her on a supplement protocol.

As for my loved one, completely off medication and enjoying life again!





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