Don’t Look Back!


Why do you suppose Lot’s wife looked back after being warned by the angels of the Lord? What was it that was so important to her that she should turn for one last look?

With little notice she and her family were whisked away by the angels of the Lord. And, Lot’s wife looked back. Was she thinking about the house she had made into a home? The upcoming weddings of her two daughters? The friends she had to leave behind? The success of her husband and the status that brought her? What about their household items? How would they get along without those? She had no time to pack all she had were the clothes she wore.

Perhaps she couldn’t resist looking back simply because she was told not to, like a child when told, “Don’t touch that.” Or, perhaps, she looked back because she was sad and upset at having to leave everything behind, making those things her idol rather than God her God.

It isn’t always easy when God says, “This is the way walk in it.” When He does, how often do we pine for the past, when remaining in the past only keeps us rooted there? What if we chose to step out in faith? Stepping out in faith allows us to live in the present and step into the future with God. It is in the present and the future that we find God’s will for our life and position ourselves to receive every spiritual blessing that is showered upon us from the Father of Lights as part of our inheritance here and now.

Sadly, Lot’s wife didn’t understand that not looking back was God’s protection.


©TereseJMBelme 2018



Every Life


When I was in elementary school I had a great group of friends, even still, I was teased. Today we would call it bullying.

God and I have completely worked through this but I wonder how many years of image shame could have been avoided had I been seen as created in the image of God? True, elementary aged children most likely don’t understand this concept. But you see, it starts with us. With the Body of Christ.

How many of us in the Body blatantly or inadvertently shame others simply because they don’t yet believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior? Raising my hand here because I am a former legalistic queen, that is, until God opened my eyes to His unending grace. What would it look like if believers around the world joined together as one and viewed every single human being as created in His image? The lies of piousness and holier than thou would fade away and be replaced with who God is––Love.

Tether yourself daily to Jesus and He will tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know. (Jeremiah 33:3). Tuck these truths into your heart, write them on 3×5 cards and beautiful scraps of paper, placing them around your house and carry them with you wherever you go, but most importantly, teach them to your children, your children’s children and to every generation you are blessed to be alive for.

Teach them that all humankind is made in the image of God, therefore God loves His entire creation and so ought we.




The Seasons of Life


I thought the first time prepared me. When it happened again a few years later I was caught off-guard. It is happening again in a few short months, actually, I kid myself, it has been happening for more than a few months and I find myself completely unprepared.

Empty nesting. A season filled with innumerable changes, grief and hopefulness. It is important to allow ourselves to grieve through this process. I am still a mom but my role as mom has changed. My days are no longer dictated by drop-off and pick-up, three yearly two-week breaks and a seven week summer vacation. My days are filled with what I have been anticipating and looking forward to the past twelve months. Time. I have nothing BUT time. I have thought about, dreamed about and chomped at the bit for this exact moment. To have days filled with learning more about this gift of writing, spending endless hours traipsing through God’s word and actually writing, but this empty nest thing keeps getting in the way.

I have been expressing to others that I have been in a holding pattern for the last year and I was wrong. Today God revealed to me one of my favorite verses and one of God’s promises – James 5:17. I’m not in a holding pattern, I’m in between the rains. My responsibility is to be patient and God promises to bring the autumn and spring rains.

In between the rains is where new seeds of truth are planted in rich, deep and dense soil waiting and preparing for the new growth that is about to spring forth.

Empty nesting, like so many seasons in life, is a process. As we stay tethered to Jesus by reading and studying His word and through prayer and fellowship with those who have gone before us, we will learn to trust the process.



Bursting Forth with Purpose




It is the best job I have never gotten paid for and I would do it all over again in less than a heartbeat. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 22 years and have loved every minute of this most honored job.

My children are now all adults, and while I was sure I would transition into full-time ministry as my next job, God has other plans for my life. Over the past several weeks, I have been feeling melancholic over God’s will for my life and I realized I want my days to be more purposeful. I began praying that God would give me something purposeful to do each day. I am a people person and writing is a solitary job. I long to be around others, sharing life and Jesus.

Today my doctor asked me to be the content writer for her website! While I’m not fighting physical enemies as David was, God burst forth today and hand delivered His purpose into my life. He is a good, good and faithful Father and I love him so.

Oh, and she wants to PAY me! God’s purposefulness AND a financial blessing!


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The Favor of God


She had graduated as an AP scholar with honors, maintained straight A’s and was a member of the CSF and NHS, both academic honor societies. She began applying to all the UC colleges on her list that met her future academic goals.

Four months later the letters began to come in and each one was a letter of declination, except for the one university, which was at the bottom of her list and was twenty-eight hundred miles away. She decided to apply to this university just as the application dead line was about to close. That letter was an acceptance letter! She went on to graduate with her Bachelor degree in three years, summa cum laude and received her Master’s degree the following year. That is God’s favor!

God’s favor is above anything we can think or imagine or even try to work out in our own strength, and we all know how that ends up, with consequences we never anticipated. But God, He comes in like a knight in shining armor and picks up all the pieces and truly works them together for the good of those who love him and are called by His purpose.

God’s favor is our inheritance in Christ. God’s favor is something we wear like an old familiar coat that still keeps us warm on the coldest nights. God pours out His favor on us like so many sparkling pieces of gold glitter, which we cannot contain nor count.

I challenge you to pray the promise of Psalm 5:12 over yourself daily, several times a day. Believe it, receive it, act like it and walk in it. Then, watch God move in your life! Every time a negative thought comes into your mind tell it, “The Lord rebuke you!”

You are innocent in God’s eyes, He greatly blesses you, He protects you from the prickliness of the enemy with the shield of the tribe of Judah and He crowns you with His favor and acceptance.

You are favored.




You Don’t Need to See to Believe



Well if this isn’t icing on the proverbial cake! I am slowly emerging from my season of restoration, like a caterpillar going through metamorphosis, after having spun its cocoon and waiting patiently, ( a virtue I am still acquiring), until that day. That perfect day God ordained and caused the caterpillar to slowly but steadily break through the cocoon it had earlier spun and reveal itself as a beautiful butterfly.

Many times I need sweet reminders like Luke 1:45. Seasons are but a blink of the eye for God, but for us they can seem extremely long and our faith and endurance are tested.

Fulfillment is God’s perfect completion. It is the end-phase, the final stage in the process. Our responsibility is simply to believe.

I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…. Joel 2:25a


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